Monday, 12 March 2007

Say it aaah-may

hello internet

musically DJs/remixers/groups/rappers often have a time when it is 'their year' - in that everything they touch turns to gold for that amount of time

For me (and many others) house music in 2006 belonged to Kristian and Frank - more commonly known as Ame (out of Germany) - they managed to release just the right amount of material & remixes for appetites to be satisfied without achieving overkill (Switch take note) and their DJ sets were few and far between, therefore heightening the expectation (and acclaim) they received when they did touch down (The Faith Easter party at Turnmills being a highlight).

here's a one hour mix to prove the point;

Ame - radio mix from 2006 - (not sure of exact date, sorry)

p.s i reckon indie/rock/pop in 06 belonged to Amy Winehouse (07 is already shaping up to be Arcade Fire's year) - in house music? i reckon it could be Martin Buttrich

Thursday, 8 March 2007

my sophomore effort

Day two and post two - can i keep this pace up? (unlikely)

will try and post regulary, and i'll try and keep the stuff varied (will add some tv clips as well and when i find 'em)

here's some some old and not so old stuff

One of the Mode's finer moments - heard a few minimal/techno DJs play this in their sets and it seems to work really well
Depeche Mode - Condemnation
(wallowing in Dave Gahan's self-loathing is essential whilst listening)

superior (noddle-free) deep house from a couple of years ago
AN2 – Midnight radio

One to melt the heart
Dorothy Moore – Misty Blue

Heard this for the first time in ages on en episode of Entourage - it reminded me how good it was, so here it is for you
Camp Lo – Luchini (This Is It)

and something to make you smile - check out kevin's dad from the 'Wonder Years' being evil

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

In the beginning there was Jack...

...well me (Paul) actually

what have i got to add to this thing called 'the internet'?
what have i got to say?

the answer's a combination of "not much" and "not sure yet"

so here's some music as way of compensation;

one of my favourite cover versions ever...
The Vines - Miss Jackson

one of my favourite DJ mix tapes ever ("This one goes out to the girls from Halesowen")

Sasha & Laurent Garnier - live at the Eclipse, Coventry, UK, 1991

something to bounce along to in your jeep/hummer/bmx (delete as applicable)
Snoop D O Double Gizzle - Gin 'N' Juice

LOADS more to come when i cant think of stuff to say, rather than just posting for the sake of it (that's never stopped most blogs i hear you say...)

more rants/posts about TV/music when the mood takes me...