Wednesday, 18 April 2007

'Mrs' Mike Read - I LOVE YOU

these youtube clips have become my favourite thing EVER

apparently they are from a mid 90s documentary series in the UK(I'd love to track the whole documentary down), the women involved has become obsessed with a run-of-the-mill 80s TV personality and radio DJ (Mike Read) and does increasingly strange things to attract his attention/win his love

Tulip Rose Read sings (well, barks actually) the hits

She goes to Classic FM office to let them know she's not a loony (not sure she succeeds there really)

She writes a letter to her beau (pay special attention to the doodles on the back of the envelope) - not 100% sure why she feels the need to do this in the nude but it seems to add to the overall mood of bizareness

She gets a t-shirt made, with a picture of her 'lover' on it and encounters some jealousy towards the super stud that is Mike Read (some people eh?)