Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My top 10 of 2010

Thought i'd add my tuppence to the best of lists of the year. i'd be very surprised if anyother top 10 list looked like this. Although that probably means i've a got a rubbish/odd taste in music, that aside, this is my most played or just plain loved songs of 2010. 

1. Joy Orbison - So Derobe

A genuine new talent, pushing a new sound.  He may have taken the Burial template, but taken it in far funkier, less gloomy, more dancefloor orientated territory.

2.Robyn - Indestructible

Another brilliant single, from a brilliant artist. A rare beacon of creativity in a sea of awful pop mess this year (yes, Black Eyed Peas, i'm looking in your direction).

3. Drake - Fireworks
The standout track from one of my favourite albums this year, he's had a stellar year, and you could get Alicia Keys to sing a mobile phone bill and it would sound good.  How many other MCs had verses like these this year? NONE.

4. Cee Lo - I Want You
From another standout album of the year, unfortunately sample clearance issues meant this version never made it on the album, which is a huge shame for all concerned.

5.Azari & III - Reck With Your Love (Tensnake remix)
Might be a bit too fromage for those cooler than I, but i absolutely love the C&C Music Factory referneces in it, the orginal was great, this is even better

6.Rick Ross - Aston Martin Music
The standout track by a mile from an ok album. Rick Rozay does his thing, with able support from Drake (what a year he has had by the way!)

7. Scissor Sisters - Invisible Light
Very odd  video for one of my most played songs this year. MASSIVE FGTH vibes on this one, especially love the Ian McKellan spoken word bit ("fiercely old party children"). Reminds of the amazing Fruitness mix of "Welcome to the Pleasuredome" starring the mighty Geoffrey Palmer. Stuart Price take a bow.

8. Tensnake - Need Your Lovin'
In a year when disco re-edits took over many a dancefloor, Tensnake added his own house-y twist to this from 1982  

9.KanYe West - Monster
2010 saw a real return to form for old big 'ead himself.  from the avant garde Runaway film, to a great album which could have seen me pick 4 or 5 off it for my top 10, its the amazing Nicki Minaj schizophrenic 3-characters-in-one-verse that swings it for 'Monster' (she's another who has had a brilliant 2010).

10. James Blake - Limit to YourLove
Turned onto this by DJ Lottie (whatever happened to her?) on Twitter, this manages to combine the beautiful fragility of his voice (Bon Iver anyone?) with the harsh sub-bass.  He's on many a 'big in 2011' list and on the strength of this alone its not hard to see why.